Aji P.

I absolutely feel so comfortable with my aesthetician. She really loves skin and it is reflective in how she goes above and beyond to make you feel as if your needs supersedes whatever else is going on in the spa. I think the customer service exceeds all my expectations.

Aji P.

Loved, loved, loved my aesthetician! She went above and beyond for me. You can tell that she has a passion for her occupation, which is refreshing. In today's day and age where excellent customer service is a luxury. At Rejuve, it is considered a must, no matter who you are. They always treat me wonderfully. Again, exceeds all my expectations and I would highly recommend Rejuve.

Alexandra C.

The staff is so friendly. I have had two chemical peels with different aestheticians and they were both outstanding! They answered all my questions and explained in detail what to expect in the days following my procedure. They made me feel comfortable and at ease. Thank you for having such a great staff!

Alissa A.

I have had an amazing experience at Rejuve Med Spa. Their customer service is awesome and everyone is so sweet, including Paige, Carla, and Stephanie. Thank you for always having a smile on your face! =) I have been to several medical spas and Rejuve is now My medical spa!

Amie C.

Rejuve has been my go-to skin place for the past year. The setting is professional, inviting and educational. They use great products on your skin and give you awesome advice to keep it up while at home. Well worth the time and money to get yourself where you want to be! The staff is great, too. I love this place!

Amie C.

Rejuve is great. Very clean environment, welcoming and educated staff, and services and products they offer have changed my life. My aesthetician is amazing!

Amina H.

My experience with Rejuve MeSspa has been wonderful. I have noticed improvement in my skin, my technician has good knowledge about her work and has been really wonderful. Thanks to the team.

Amy R.