Amir D.

I am so happy with Rejuve Med-Spa and I think this was one of my best decisions I've made in my life; doing the Laser Lipo from Rejuve. Karen Reverdy who signed me up for the surgery was superb and she explained everything very well. The doctor was amazing and he made sure everything went well with the surgery. At the same time the medical assistant who helped the doctor in the surgery is also helping me a lot after the surgery. Finally all the staff members of Rejuve are the best . I would recomend all my friends and family members to Rejuve.

Ann S.

I cannot thank you enough - Rejuve MedSpa! You have given me a confidence that I could never get on my own. The staff was phenomenal, wonderful!! The staff made me feel like I had known them for years. I was completely comfortable. The doctor for my Laser Lipo procedure was amazing. I was completely confident and comfortable the entire visit. I would go back anytime and recommend it to anyone!

Claudia T.

I would highly recommend Rejuve Med-Spa. The staff is very friendly, nice, and helpful. I had the laser lipo procedure done and achieved amazing results. I love the way my body looks and feels, I went shopping for a new wardrobe. I have received so many compliments from friends and family. I look and feel like a Super Model!!!! Thanks Rejuve Spa!

Elsa G.

I had a very pleasant experience with my Laser Lipo procedure. The staff is very friendly, knowledgeable and professional. The doctor has an excellent bedside manner and he came across as very sincere and very concerned about my well being. He was sincerely interested in how I was doing and explaining everything to me in order for me to make an informed decision and to be confident in making the decision to move forward with the procedure. I didn’t feel pushed into making a decision, so that they could make money rather I felt they were genuinely interested in my being happy and satisfied with my decision. The procedure did not hurt. I have not had to take any pain medication. I had the procedure done yesterday and plan on going back to work tomorrow. I also plan on using Rejuve Med-Spa in the future for future procedures. I am 100% satisfied with my overall experience.

Gretchen B.

I have to say that this is one of the best spas in the DFW area. I have been to quite a few and no other spa can compare to it as far as customer service goes. I had Cool Lipo done and they treated me like a queen during the procedure and on the following visits. I liked it so much that I brought my mom to do her Botox treatment. I do highly recommend the Doctor and the RN; they are awesome!

Hilary G.

I love Dr. Alexander and the staff at Rejuve. I had lipo of my abdomen and flanks and am so happy with the results. I love my flat stomach and the care I receive each time that I visit.

Holli H.

My initial visit was superb. The staff was very knowledgeable and welcoming. I am hoping to work out the details and move forward with my procedures.

Janet H

What an experience the laser lipo was for me. I had read and talked to ones who had had this and thought I was well prepared. Well, I was not. The day of the surgery, I was completely a nervous wreck and scared to death, wow! Karen was awesome and a jewel, Always putting you at ease and her lovely smile, I began to relax. She went over again what to expect with the procedure. Then Dr. Alexander was outstanding, he talked so much that the nervousness left me. He explained and gave examples of each thing he was doing, including the sounds I was hearing. He answered questions that I approached him with and very patience in responding for me to understand. We talked about current events on to talked TV shows. This was the first time that I really felt comfortable with a doctor and his assistant. Kudos to Dr. Alexander and Karen for such a fantastic and awesome job. Their super kindness and customer service and bedside manners were remarkable. Karen was great in following up with me after the procedure. I would highly recommend those two for this type of procedure. I must say also, the whole staff at Rejuve is outstanding.