Sandra W.

As ever, my treatment at Rejuve was excellent, staff always polite and professional. Love you guys.

Stephanie M.

So…I made the mistake a while ago to have my ex-boyfriend’s name tattooed on me. Talk about regret! I am SO grateful that Rejuve is helping me correct this mistake. The girls are AWESOME and my tattoo is fading nicely so far. THANK YOU Rejuve Med-Spa!!! You rock!!

Susan S.

The Rejuve staff are some of the best. They are very knowledgeable and all my treatments have been well executed. What is even more impressive is that they are all very warm and considerate people and always very willing to answer questions, before or after treatment. Great place!

Tammy W.

Today was my 5th or 6th visit to Rejuve Med-Spa. Everyone is always professional, courteous and accommodating. I have been seen on time or even slightly early at each visit. I highly recommend Rejuve Med-Spa.

Terri L.

As always, an excellent job from the ladies at Rejuve. Yours is not a place I dread visiting. Thanks so much!

Wesley S

I am very pleased with my visit to Rejuve Med Spa. The sales consultant was absolutely fantastic! She was able to answer all of my questions, very patient and kind, and provided me with the treatment and results that I wanted. I would recommend Rejuve to everyone, you will not leave disappointed.

Zach C.

I am currently removing 3 tattoos at Rejuve Med-Spa. When I got my tattoos, I didn’t think I would ever regret them. Things change! Rejuve is really helping me out. I definitely recommend them if you’re wishing you hadn’t gotten those tattoos.