Tummy Tuck

Rejuve Med-Spa’s Tummy Tuck procedure is the ideal procedure to remove excess fat and skin and to tighten underlying muscles in the abdomen. The procedure also gets rid of loose or wrinkled skin and stretch marks.

The traditional tummy tuck procedure usually performed under general anesthesia is associated with a high level of risk because it requires the separation (undermining) of the anterior abdominal flap causing extensive trauma and compromise to the blood supply of the abdomen.

Rejuve’s revolutionary Tummy Tuck procedure performed under local anesthesia (tumescent) is a combination of two procedures. First, liposuction is used to remove the fat from the abdominal wall, followed by a tummy tuck to remove and tighten excess skin. The advantage of performing liposuction prior to the tummy tuck is that it not only thins out the abdominal wall, but it also creates an empty space between the skin and the muscle, eliminating the need to undermine (or separate) the abdominal flap. This means that the skin can now be safely removed and tightened without losing blood supply from the liposuction of the abdominal fat. Liposuction of the abdominal fat can not be performed at the time of the traditional tummy tuck procedure because the surgical undermining of the abdomen during the traditional tuck interferes with the blood supply to the abdomen thus increasing the risk of the abdominal flap (skin) dying.

The tummy tuck portion of the procedure takes about three hours. During this part of the surgery the client receives a sedative through an intravenous catheter in addition to the tumescent anesthesia. General anesthesia is not used at any time during the procedure.

The use of local anesthesia has significant added benefits:

  1. Due to the vasoconstriction created by one of the ingredients of the tumescent solution, bleeding is reduced to a minimum during the procedure.
  2. Following the liposuction and before the tummy tuck, the patient is inspected in a standing position to draw the shape and size of the skin to be removed. This step eliminates guessing and improves the possibility of achieving the desired body shape.
  3. The client is wide awake during the majority of the procedure.

Following the procedure the pain level is moderate for 7-14 days. Numbness in the abdominal area will last for at-least six months. The client can usually return to work within two weeks and may resume some exercising after four weeks. The final result will be achieved in about 6-12 months.