RevitaLash Advanced

Eyelash Conditioner
condition ● revitalize ● beautify

Enhance the look of luxurious eyelashes for dramatic, natural beauty.
This finely-calibrated breakthrough cosmetic formula addresses the visual signs of eyelash aging and stress – dry, brittle, lifeless lashes.

A proprietary blend of scientifically-advanced technology and natural botanicals join in concert to protect against breakage and brittleness and improve flexibility, moisture, and shine for more dramatic-looking eyelashes.

Daily use provides immediate conditioning benefits; leading to healthier-looking, more luxurious lashes.

Signature BioPeptin Complex™

Fortifying & conditioning ● Precision cosmetic application

Size: 3.5 mL
6 month supply

A breakthrough, category-leading eyelash conditioner featuring a high impact, proprietary technology for dramatic-looking eyelashes.
• Conditions the eyelashes to help protect from brittleness and breakage
• Helps improve flexibility, moisture, and shine
• Helps defend eyelashes from daily aggressors
• Enhances the appearance of beautiful, younger-looking, more luxurious eyelashes
• High impact BioPeptin Complex™, peptides and botanicals saturate the lashes with moisture, keeping them soft, luxurious, & healthy-looking

Product Highlights:
- Formulated with a unique viscosity agent to help product stay on lashes and minimize running.
- Contains a powerful cosmetic anti-microbial system, allowing for repeated use of a single applicator
- Custom designed brush allows for a simple and efficient application
- All ingredients have been rigorously tested and have excellent safety profiles
- One 3.5 mL tube of RevitaLash® Advanced lasts approximately 6 months

Product Ingredients:
BioPeptin Complex™:
Biotin, green tea extract rich in panthenol, peptides, and proprietary technology help condition, strengthen, and soften lashes while defending from breakage and brittleness.
Ginseng & Swertia Japonica:
Plant extracts high in anti-oxidants and vitamin B; help protect and revitalize.
Saw Palmetto:
High in fatty acids and plant sterols; help condition and shine.
Wheat Protein:
High in amino acids, peptides, and B vitamins; help fortify, smooth, and condition.

How to use:
Wash hands and face with a mild soap & water. Let face and eye area dry completely prior to application.
Step 1
Once-a-day, apply a thin line to clean and dry eyelashes above the level of the skin
Step 2
One brush stroke is sufficient to cover eyelashes.
Only a small quantity is needed to beautify and promote the attractiveness of natural lashes.

• For best results, use consistently.
• Be sure to let RevitaLash® Advanced dry before applying make-up.
• If using make-up remover, be sure to wash off all residue prior to RevitaLash® Advanced application.
• There is no added benefit to using RevitaLash® Advanced more than once per day.